Valley City, OH 44280

Valley City is an unincorporated community in central Liverpool Township, Medina County, Ohio, United States. The west branch of the Rocky River and Plum Creek flow near Valley City.

Valley City is located at intersection of State Routes 252 and 303 in the northwest corner of Medina County. Settled in 1810, the township around it was established in 1816. Together with Litchfield and York Townships, Liverpool Township composes the Buckeye Local School District.

Interesting Facts about Valley City, OH 44280

Valley City is known for being "The Frog Jump Capital of Ohio." Since 1962, it has held an annual contest patterned after Mark Twain's story, "The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County." On April 2, 1964, two years after the first contest was held, Governor Jim Rhodes proclaimed this contest the official state frog jumping championship. In 1969, some of the Valley City champion frogs competed in the larger contest in Calaveras County, California, including one belonging to Governor Rhodes. Today, the contest is held at the Mill Stream Park.

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Veterans Information

Valley City VFW Post 5563

6731 Center Road

Valley City, OH 44280

Valley City American Legion Post 2340

5740 Center Road

Valley City, OH 44280

This Post meets at Coppertop Restaurant ay Cherokee Hills Golf Couse.

Cemeteries in Valley City, OH 44280

Resurrection Cemetery

6303 Center Road

Valley City, OH 44280


Businesses in Valley City, OH 44280

MTD Products, Inc.

5965 Grafton Road

Valley City, OH 44280


For more than 50 years, MTD has been a leader in designing and building durable, easy-to-use outdoor power equipment.  MTD’s family of brands offers award-winning products designed to meet lawn and garden needs for both residential and commercial products.

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