Columbia Station, OH 44028

Columbia Station, OH 44028

Columbia Township, also known as Columbia Station or just Columbia, is the easternmost of the eighteen townships of Lorain County, Ohio, United States. Columbia Township is the official government name, while Columbia Station is the post office name, and tends to be the town name used by residents. The post office name was chosen to differentiate the township from other Columbia Townships statewide, located in Hamilton and Meigs Counties. Columbia Township is part of Greater Cleveland.

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History of Columbia Station, OH 44028

Columbia Township is part of the Connecticut Western Reserve, lands ceded in 1786 by Connecticut after the American Revolution. In 1805, two years after Ohio became a state, the federal government finalized treaties with local American Indians. The Bronson and Hoadley families of Waterbury, Connecticut pooled together $20,087 to purchase a township. On April 4, 1807, they drew Township 5 N, Range 15 W from a random selection of townships in the reserve, purchasing the land site-unseen.

Columbia Township has been continuously inhabited since 1807, the longest settlement in the Western Reserve west of the Cuyahoga River. It has other firsts in the Western Reserve west of the Cuyahoga: the first classroom (Bronson cabin, summer of 1808), first teacher (Sally Bronson, 1808), first white child born (Sally Hoadley), first gristmill (summer of 1809), first cemetery (1811), first doctor (Zephaniah Potter, 1809), and first organized church society (Episcopalian, 1809).

The Bronson House Museum (built c. 1850, 13646 W River Road) is the last home of Sally Bronson. Other Columbia Township buildings in the National Register of Historic Places include the Columbia Town Hall and the Columbia Baptist Church.

The Copopa School was built in 1921.

Farming has historically been the most significant employer in Columbia Township and the surrounding townships, but in the second half of the 19th century, sandstone from the local quarries was mined and widely distributed. Two of the township's quarries were Jaquay quarry and an area which later became known as Wildwood Lake. Both Jaquay and Wildwood were used as swimming parks in the late 20th century, with Wildwood operating until 2001.

Interesting Facts about Columbia Station, OH 44028

  • On April 11, 1965, an F4 tornado swept through Columbia Township before dissipating to the east in neighboring Strongsville.
  • On September 11, 2001 9:35:09am, United Flight 93 veered off-course precisely over Columbia Township.
  • On November 3, 2006, the Oprah Winfrey Show aired an episode regarding safe-haven laws titled "All-American Tragedy" which centered on a story related to Columbia Township.

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Churches in Columbia Station, OH 44028

Christ Church Ohio

23080 Royalton Road

Columbia Station

(440) 236-8282

Lighthouse Bible Church

24050 Royalton Road

Columbia Station

(440) 236-6341

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church

25801 Royalton Road

Columbia Station

(440) 236-8595

ClearView Church

23963 Royalton Road

Columbia Station

(440) 236-3950

New Life Wesleyan Church

11149 West River Road

Columbia Station

(440) 236-8600

Hosanna Lutheran Church

13485 West River Road

Columbia Station

(440) 236-8900

Columbia United Methodist Church

25453 Royalton Road

Columbia Station

(440) 236-8822

Cemeteries in Columbia Station, OH 44028

Columbia Center Cemetery

Located on east side of Columbia West River Rd. ?A short distance north of SR 82

This oldest cemetery of Lorain County was laid out in 1811 to accommodate 9 deaths from the plague. This site is the cabin clearing of Bela Bronson overlooking Rocky River Valley. Many pioneers from Waterbury, Connecticut, five Revolutionary War Veterans, and many members of the militia for the War of 1812 are buried here.

Resthaven Memory Gardens

3700 Center Road

Columbia Station, OH 44028

West View Cemetery

(aka Old Baker or Hoadley)

Located on east side of SR 252. ΒΌ mile south of Sprague Rd. within Riverside Golf Course, c-1816-1912. This cemetery was started in 1816. It contains one Revolutionary soldier and many members of the pioneer Hoadley Family. The last burial was in 1917.

Veterans Information

Columbia Station VFW Post 9340

25742 Royalton Road

Columbia Station, OH 44028

North Eaton American Legion Post 717

34501 East Royalton Road

Columbia Station, OH 44028