The Basics of Preparing Remains for Funeral and Cremation in Columbia Station, OH

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Though many have opinions, the decisions about planning final services, like a funeral and cremation in Columbia Station, OH, are entirely up to you and your family. One decision that will need to be made fairly soon after death is how you would like to have the body prepared for final disposition. While the specifics that impact this decision may not be known beforehand, you can have a working plan for future or impending deaths and adjust as needed. 

Minimal Intervention

In most circumstances, you can always opt to have minimal preparations done to the body. Nature will take over and decompose the body if no one does anything else. If you are going with this format, immediate burial is recommended. Final goodbyes with the family should be offered within hours of the death if preservation methods will not be used. As soon as arrangements can be made, burial can take place to lay the decedent to rest. 

Embalming Makes the Body Viewable for Final Goodbyes

The world we live in is globally connected, and many families are strung across the planet. Simple travel logistics are often tricky and sometimes impossible to arrange on short notice. Even if you intend to hold funeral services within a few weeks, the body will likely need to be embalmed. This is something to think about if you want the funeral scheduled that many days after death.

The embalming procedure is a technique that cleanses the external and internal body with a chemical solution that slows the decomposition process. First, the body fluids (such as blood) are removed as much as possible from the remains. Cold storage is also an important technique that helps hold deceased remains while arrangements are designed and scheduled.

Embalming can keep the body suitable for viewing, inviting closure and healing for many families. Most embalmers use a mechanical pump system to extract the body fluids and infuse the preserving solution into the body. Large internal organs might also be pierced and drained before being injected. In most states, only licensed funeral directors can oversee and perform this delicate death care process. 

Understand How Cremation Works

If the deceased body went for some hours or days before being discovered, embalming might not be workable. Cremation offers an excellent alternative in a case such as this. Cremation is also attractive to those who wish to avoid using harsh chemicals, casket burial practices, or costly death care fees associated with full-scale funeral services.

Cremation services are highly regulated at the federal and state levels. Each cremation is single and separate. Respectful cremation services are delivered with compassionate and careful protocols to ensure the remains' identity is secure through the process. This means only your loved ones' ashes will be returned to you when the process is complete.

After any required waiting periods are fulfilled, and necessary permits are obtained, the body will be contained in a hard-sided cremation casket and set inside a securable furnace chamber. Once inside, the furnace ignites until very high temperatures are reached. Soon, all the contents in the compartment will catch fire. Most of the time, the body will be fully cremated within just a few hours. Note that the most calcified portions of bone tissue will not be burned away. These become ashes or cremated remains after additional processing. 

How to Find a Competent Provider of Funeral and Cremation in Columbia Station, OH

Once you know what you want to have for the caring of the remains, you'll need to choose a funeral home that can help you with the details surrounding a funeral and cremation in Columbia Station, OH. This provider needs to be someone you can trust while in a vulnerable state of shock and grief. 

Choose a Highly Reputable and Experienced Team

It is usually pretty easy to ascertain information about a business in our world. Learn what you can about the experience and history of the company. Be sure you are comfortable with what those credentials reflect. Seek out word-of-mouth testimonials and reviews to get a feel for how others have felt about their experiences with the establishment. Remember that there are two sides to each story, so if you encounter outlying negative feedback, feel free to discuss your concerns with the business directly. 

Hire a Comprehensive Funerary Firm

If you work with a full-service funeral home, you'll have everything available with your selected provider. This can simplify planning and offer peace of mind knowing your loved one is in good hands. 

Work with a Trusted Name and Team for the Best Results

Jardine Funeral Home is a reputable full-service funerary and death care provider. We have been helping families with options related to a funeral and cremation in Columbia Station, OH for almost 60 years now. Our business keeps the tradition of excellence handed down through three family generations of compassionate service. See our warm and comfortable facilities at 15822 Pearl Rd, Strongsville, OH 44136, by calling (440) 238-7701 to make arrangements.

Funeral Home and Cremations FAQs

What is typically done at a memorial service?

There won't be a body present because memorial services are held after the body has been buried or cremated (though cremated remains may be present). People may offer prayers, provide eulogies, read passages from the Bible or works of literature, or sing songs during the service.

Does VA pay for burial?

You may be qualified to earn the following benefits: Allowance for burial and funeral expenses from the VA. For the price of the plot (gravesite) or interment, the VA offers a plot or interment allowance. Reimbursement from the VA for transportation expenses incurred in bringing the veteran's remains to their final resting place. Learn more about veteran's services.

What is the purpose of eulogy?

A eulogy is a speech made during a memorial service in honor of a deceased individual. The goal is to remind the audience, in especially the family, of the positive traits and high points of a life lived in that way. It ought to convey the essence of the life that was lived. Learn how to write a eulogy.