How It Is Done: Preparing the Remains for a Funeral and Cremation in Strongsville, OH

Jardine Funeral Home is a third-generation, family-owned, full-service funeral home in Strongsville, OH. As one of the oldest local establishments in operation for almost 60 years, we take pride in helping our communities and making this difficult time easier by being available 24/7 with personalized care to every client's needs at any given moment in their life's journey. We provide Funeral Services, Burials, and Cremations to families from all walks of life. Our staff is here to provide you with the highest level of personal service in times of sorrow. We are committed to helping each family create a meaningful service that celebrates their loved one's life and honors their memory.  We understand that this time can be difficult for our clients, and we strive to make it easier by providing them exceptional assistance throughout the process. Contact us at (440) 238-7701 today to learn more about our burial and cremation options and how we can best serve you.

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Are you facing decisions surrounding the final arrangements for preplanning needs or immediate death care? If so, it can help to remember that there is no “right” or “wrong” way to prepare the remains for service options like a funeral and cremation in Strongsville, OH. Finding solutions that will fit your circumstances and support your family in saying goodbye will be the most important considerations to keep in mind.

Hands-Off Natural Approaches for Minimal Body Preparation

The cycle of life means that not much is needed to prepare the body for disposition. However, rituals such as funerals can be comforting and healing for a lot of families. Therefore, you can work towards a so-called immediate burial where the body is interred as soon as arrangements can be made. When this occurs, the body can be prepared minimally by washing a dressing in burial clothes.

Extending the Goodbye Window with Embalming

Without intervention, the body will typically start off-putting from decomposition effects within as little as 12 hours after death in certain conditions. Because of this, if you need to create more time for your family and friends to gather to say goodbye, an embalming procedure may be necessary for optimal results. Funeral services that cannot be completed for several days will also benefit from having the remains prepared with embalming.

Unless your circumstances require it, embalming is not typically legally required. One exception will be if the body needs to be repatriated (returned to its country of origin) and flown on an airplane to the destination. Embalming will typically be required for that to occur. Additionally, if you want to offer a public viewing of the deceased's remains, most funeral homes will require embalming for the best results.

The embalming procedure removes the body fluids and replaces them with a cocktail of chemicals that act as a tissue-preserving agent. It deters and delays the body’s natural breakdown process. The outside of the body is washed with chemicals to keep the skin looking as well as possible for the services. Cosmetics will typically need to be applied to conceal natural skin mottling and discoloration attendant upon expiration. 

When to Select Cremation Services

If you know you won’t want to have the body buried in a casket or embalmed for viewing, you can bypass the decomposition process and opt to have the body prepared for disposition with a cremation procedure instead. Cremation can provide a lower-cost alternative than complete funerary services. In addition, cremation opens up additional flexibility for scheduling honoring ceremonies and creative final placements if desired.

Cremation at a trusted firm is performed according to all legal and ethical best practices. The body is held respectfully and securely in cold storage while necessary permits are obtained. Once clearances are in hand, the body is laid into a thin, rigid, flammable container called a cremation casket.

The filled casket is set inside a retort chamber where scorching heat will be applied. Within just an hour or two, the body will be burned to vapor and a collection of the hardest portions of the bone that are not susceptible to flames. The bones are processed into sandlike particles called ashes and returned to the closest surviving relative. 

Find a Reputable Firm to Provide Services Like a Funeral and Cremation in Strongsville, OH

As soon as you have decided what direction to go with body preparation methods, you will need to find a provider to help you and put the plan in motion. As you make these decisions related to services surrounding a funeral and cremation in Strongsville, OH, you’ll find that some funerary firms are more prepared to support your vision than others. Here are some things to look for to find a good fit.

Select an Experienced, Knowledgeable Provider with a Rich History and Background

Ideally, you’ll want to find and work with a funeral provider with many years of industry experience. Find out what you can about the company’s history and learn about its vision and legacy. This will help you determine if this is a business you want to do business with.

Decide Now to Support Yourself with a Full-Service Funeral Establishment

Hire a full-service funeral home to ease the arrangements planning process and potentially save time and money. Getting a funeral director who oversees and coordinates the details for you can take a weight off your mind during a deeply challenging emotional time. Since this type of business offers a wide range of options, you can get everything you need through your provider. 

Support Yourself by Hiring a Well-Qualified Team of Experts

Support yourself and your bereaved loved ones by retaining a highly qualified team of committed experts to lay your loved one to rest. For three generations and nearly six decades, the professionals who own and operate the esteemed Jardine Funeral Home have been offering compassionate solutions related to funeral and cremation in Strongsville, OH, and the surrounding areas. They have built a reputation of excellence that can be depended upon. 

Funeral Home and Cremations FAQs

What is a personalized funeral?

You can alter every aspect of a funeral service, just like you can with a wedding. Consider integrating the following 7 components as part of that personalization: music, readings, a visitation, a personalized eulogy, symbols, coming together, and inviting attendees to engage in symbolic acts. Learn more about designing your own funeral.

Why have a funeral? 

The deceased is treated with respect and dignity during a funeral service. The celebration itself serves as our way of paying a special respect to a loved one's life and the uplifting impact they have made on our lives. We might feel that we have treated them appropriately and honorably by holding the service.

Is funeral pre-planning a good idea? 

You and your family may feel more at ease if you pre-plan your own funeral. By having a plan in place, it minimizes the strain on your loved ones and gives you the chance to express your preferences in writing. Additionally, it allows you to reflect on how you want people to remember